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Instructions for authors

Prospective authors should review the following information before submitting.

Types of submissions

Papers of three types can be submitted to REFSQ:

  • Full papers (12 pages recommended, max 15 pages) Full papers should emphasise what is new and significant about the chosen approach and adequately compare it with similar works. Integration of the contributions with mainstream or other research approaches to requirements engineering, software engineering, embedded systems and information systems development are especially encouraged. All full papers will undergo three reviews.
  • Position papers (max 6 pages) Position papers should state the author’s research position with respect to current RE practice, relations between current RE practice and RE research, and/or research methodology and ontological assumptions. Papers should emphasise topics that are particularly important within RE at present.
  • Industrial problem statements (max 6 pages) People from industry are especially encouraged to submit problem statements, which may address mismatches between current RE practice and research and/or emerging areas of concern for RE practitioners.

Submission format and procedure

Submissions should be in PDF, on A4 page size and formatted in LNCS style (see Springer’s Information for LNCS Authors for details). Submission will be handled through a web-based system. Please do not submit hard copies: submitted papers will be distributed electronically to reviewers, and accepted papers will be provided electronically to discussants before the event.