Industry Track

The REFSQ working conference series has since 1994 established itself as one of the leading international forums to discuss RE in its many relations to quality. Since 2010 REFSQ consolidates as a stand-alone conference and, in addition, offers a dedicated industry track. Requirements engineering is recognized in industry as one of the most critical parts of the life cycle. Challenges such as new business models, systems development with many stakeholders, service delivery, collaboration, or eco-systems provide an exciting context for this new Industry Track. It offers a unique opportunity for sharing best practices, innovations and ideas with peers and experts in the field.

The industry track will take place on Tuesday the 29th of March 2011.

Industry Track Format

REFSQ has a long tradition of being a highly structured and interactive forum. The industry track is organised in order to provoke discussion and to understand problems and challenges on one hand, but also see how different approaches can help in implementing solutions. It is split in two parts, namely invited industry presentations in the morning and a workshop format in the afternoon. In the morning each speaker will get a 30 minutes slot; 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes discussion. In the afternoon we will have a short presentation of a problem statement with workshop-like discussions on state of the practice and potential solutions and steps forward.

You can find further details at:

Invited Presentations

Interactive Workshops

Industry Track Chair

Christof Ebert – Vector, Stuttgart, Germany

Industry Track Committee

Klaus Pohl – Univ. of Duisburg Essen, Germany

Brian Berenbach – Siemens, USA

Erik Simmons - Intel, USA