[W3] EPICAL 2011

Workshop on Empirical Research in Requirements Engineering: Challenges and Solutions


The primary goal of this workshop is to create a forum and a community to debate the need for, the value of, and the challenges in using empirical approaches to researching aspects of RE processes and products. The targeted outcomes are (1) a preliminary agenda for conducting empirical research in RE, and (2) a plan for setting up an online forum for exchange of ideas, research designs and research results within the RE community. EPICAL brings together practitioners and researchers to debate on the research methods suitable in RE, the criteria for judging RE research outcomes, and the implications of choosing particular research designs for the validity of the obtained results. We invite submissions about one of these four central themes:
  1. How to do RE research of good quality: action research, explorative case studies, experiments, replication studies, validation studies? To what extents is empirical research in RE different? Is it more qualitative? How do we make sure it is aligned to stakeholders’ objectives?
  2. How to judge good RE practice? Where do good RE practices come from? What criteria a RE practice should meet so that it obtains the ‘good practice’ status?
  3. What is the role of anecdotal evidence in creating RE knowledge about effectiveness of RE approaches in context: needs for, value of, and challenges in evaluating lessons learnt and practitioners’ experiences.
  4. What is the role of empirical evidence in creating RE knowledge? How do we judge what we know and what we do not know in RE? How do we aggregate empirical results?

Call for Papers

You can download the workshop’s CfP here.

Further Information

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You can download the workshop’s pre-proceedings here.


  • Andrea Herrmann (Axivion GmbH)
  • Maya Daneva (University of Twente)