[W4] RESC 2011

RE in Small Companies – CANCELED

Unfortunately the RESC Workshop has been canceled due to insufficient number of submissions.


In the past RE research targeted mainly the needs of RE practice in the context of larger enterprises. However, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) constitute a large share of software engineering companies. Often, these companies are unable to apply RE techniques from textbooks without major modifications. Many SME use their very own RE techniques without ever having used a RE textbook. Besides that, shortcomings in applying RE techniques due to time constraints or limited resources may arise.

This workshop has the following objectives:

  • Discovering current RE challenges in SME, by combining industrial experience and scientific practices
  • Working on the research questions that have been risen at RESC 2010 like:
    • How can we define a company’s size additionally to the number of employees and when does a company stop being small?
    • Where are the differences between small companies and small teams?
    • How can the advantages of a high social coherence as well as a collaborative and ‘oral RE’ as it is possible in small companies be preserved in larger companies?
  • Identifying obstacles in applying RE textbook knowledge in SME

In order to ensure early and iterative evaluation of emerging RE approaches and tool support, useful partnerships between SME practitioners working in various problem domains and researchers may arise from this workshop.

We know that “RE Researchers should work with practitioners [...], with other SE Researchers and Practitioners [... and] industrial organizations should provide (sanitized) industrial-strength project data to researchers” [1]. Consequently, this workshop is intended to bring researchers together with the RE practices and experience of SME whose businesses are software.

Call for Papers

You can download the workshop’s CfP here.

Further Information

Please visit the workshop’s website.


  • Simone Bürsner (Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences)
  • Thorsten Merten (Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences)