Session 2 – Process Improvement and Requirements in Context

Session Chair: Anne Persson
Monday, 28th of March, 16.00 – 18.00

  • Requirements Engineering Process Improvement: An industrial Case Study, Georgi Markov, Oliver Creighton and Anne Hoffmann – Experience Report
  • Discussant: Thorsten Merten

  • Requirements for a Nutrition Education Demonstrator, Ing Widya, Richard Bults, Rene de Wijk, Ben Loke, Nicole Koenderink, Ricardo MendesBatista, Val Jones and Hermie Hermens – Research Preview
  • Discussant: Georgi Markov

  • Scaling Up Requirements Engineering – Exploring the Challenges of Increasing Size and Complexity in Market-Driven Software Development, Krzysztof Wnuk, Björn Regnell and Brian Berenbach – Problem Statement
  • Discussant: Ing Widya

  • Towards a New Understanding of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Requirements Engineering Research, Thorsten Merten, Kim Lauenroth and Simone Bürsner – Problem Statement
  • Discussant: Krzysztof Wnuk