Best Paper

Best paper award selection:

The Best Paper Award Committee is very happy to announce that the following paper is selected among the nominees:
Eltjo Poort, Nick Martens, Inge Van De Weerd and Hans Van Vliet. ”How Architects See Non-Functional Requirements: Beware of Modifiability”
The paper provides empirically grounded knowledge on quality requirements and their impact on software project success through well-designed research with real-world stakeholders on multi-disciplinary research questions that connect requirements engineering with architecture and verification.

Nominations for the best paper award

The following 6 papers were selected as nominees for the REFSQ 2012 best paper award from of the total of 27 accepted papers. (In alphabetic order)

  • Trace Queries for Managing Safety Requirements in High Assurance SystemsJane Cleland-Huang, Mats Heimdahl, Jane Huffman Hayes, Robyn Lutz and Patrick Mäder
  • Why the Electronic Land Registry Failed - Soren Lauesen
  • How Architects See Non-Functional Requirements: Beware of ModifiabilityEltjo Poort, Nick Martens, Inge Van De Weerd and Hans Van Vliet
  • Towards a Requirements Modeling Language for Self-Adaptive SystemsNauman A. Qureshi, Ivan J. Jureta and Anna Perini
  • Supporting Failure Mode and Effect Analysis: A Case Study with Failure Sequence DiagramsChristian Raspotnig and Andreas L Opdahl
  • A Simulation Approach for Impact Analysis of Requirement Volatility Considering Dependency ChangeJunjie Wang, Juan Li, Qing Wang, He Zhang and Haitao Wang

The nominated papers were selected based on the following criteria:
a) The paper is a full research paper or experience report
b) The paper has only positive review grades
c) The paper has at least one top review grade

A best paper selection committee was appointed out of the PC members that have no conflict of interest with the authors of the nominated papers. The committee has twice the number of members as the number of nominated papers. Each committee member prioritized the nominated papers by distributing 100 points over the nominated papers to reflect their ratio scale priorities regarding the quality of the papers. The committee members were also encouraged to take the paper presentations at REFSQ 2012 into consideration.

The nominated papers were announced during the REFSQ 2012 gala dinner.

The best paper award committee members:
Daniel M. Berry
Armin Eberlein
Don Gause
Natalia Juristo
Marjo Kauppinen
Nazim Madhavji
Kim Lauenroth
Barbara Paech
Oscar Pastor
Anne Persson
Kurt Schneider
Didar Zowghi

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