Three Reasons for the Doctoral Symposium

1. I participated in the Doctoral Symposium REFSQ2011. During the symposium we had each 20 minutes for presentation and 30 minutes for discussion. This allows to share ideas with other candidates and domain experts. For me, this experience was very rewarding. It allowed me to refocus my work. I could also assess the relevance and impact of my thesis for the requirements engineering community. I recommend PhD students to submit to the Symposium, whatever their level of advancement in their work. Reviews on the proposal are very constructive and very detailed. That is already a benefit, whatever the outcome.
2. The doctoral symposium at REFSQ 2011 was very rewarding for me. I obtained many new ideas and possible shortcomings of my research were identified during the discussion provided at the session. I was very fortunate to find people who had the knowledge, experience and attitude, to provide feedback on the early stages of my research. I think the first doctoral symposium at REFSQ was a huge success.
3. I am in the last year of my PhD work. I have participated in three Doctoral Symposiums. All the three participations were very useful. I strongly recommend the participation of any person planning do to or actually doing a PhD. The first participation (before I really started PhD work) was useful to understand what is a PhD, what are the requirements, and the main difficulties people face during PhD work. The feedback of the second DS was very positive concerning the relevance and novelty of the topic but pointed out that the proposed topic had too broad scope for a PhD. The third participation (at REFSQ 2011) now helped to improve the details such as definitions or experiment planning.
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