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Past Conferences

This page collects links, references, historical and archival material from previous REFSQ editions.

Previous REFSQ Conferences and Workshops


Free Booklet on REFSQ’s 10th Anniversary in 2004 (100 pages), containing:

  • Workshop Summary
    Björn Regnell, Erik Kamsties, Vincenzo Gervasi
  • Anniversary Session 1: Quality and Relevance
    Non-Functional Requirements Engineering — Quality is Essential
    Barbara Paech, Daniel Kerkow
    Requirements Engineering Research the Industry is (and is not) Waiting For
    Sjaak Brinkkemper
  • Anniversary Session 2: Retrospect and Outlook
    Ten Years of REFSQ: A Quantitative Analysis
    Vincenzo Gervasi, Erik Kamsties, Björn Regnell, Camille Ben Achour-Salinesi
    Ten Years of REFSQ: Outcomes and Outlooks
    Andreas L. Opdahl, Eric Dubois, Klaus Pohl
  • List of participants

Search engine

You can perform statistical analyses on the REFSQ corpus, containing papers from the first 10 editions of REFSQ (1994-2004) through the REFSQ Search Engine. See the article “Ten Years of REFSQ: A Quantitative Analysis” from the booklet above for details.


You can reach the REFSQ organisers at

Past proceedings

Printed proceedings of past REFSQs are available. Send your inquiries to