+++ REFSQ 2013 is over and has been a great success! See you all at REFSQ 2014 +++

Social Event & Conference Dinner

This year’s  Social Event  features a guided tour of one of the most vibrant cultural places in Ruhr area: Duisburg Inner Harbour and the Conference Dinner. Join us for an unforgetable night!

Duisburg Inner Harbour

Included in registration fee of the main conference (except for 1 day tickets)

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The city of Duisburg is well known for one of the largest inland ports of Europe. In roman times the area of Duisburg has established itself as a transfer point of high importance for traders and kept it ever since after the river Rhein changed its course in the Middle Ages. After the reanimation as a long-distance trade port in the 19th century, it got the name “Inner Harbour”, and became the central corn-trade transfer point in Germany and yielding in the nickname “bread basket”. As one of the biggest projects of the International Building Exhibition Emscher Park a new neighbourhood themed “working, living and culture near the water” was established on a 90 hectares large area around the Inner Harbour. Today Duisburg Inner Harbour is one of the most vibrant locations in the Ruhr area. Its unique combination of old harbour-facilities, historic mills, granaries, modern architecture, and Duisburg`s best known gastronomic mile is always worth a visit.

Conference Gala Dinner

Included in registration fee of the main conference (except for 1 day tickets)

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The REFSQ 2013 conference dinner will take place on Wednesday April 10th 2013 20:00 pm, at Faktorei. Vegetarian participants will also be well catered with an enticing selection of seasonal salads, roast vegetables, sea-fruit delicacies and further vegetarian dishes.
In order to make the gala dinner a special event a band will entertain you in this comfortable atmosphere.
We hope you will enjoy the variety of our Gala Dinner Menu!


How to Get There

REFSQ 2013 wants you to have a pleasant stay and easy ways to the different locations, so we will organise a bus shuttle that takes you to and from venue. After the last session busses will pick you up at the Atlantic Congress Hotel and go directly to the social dinner location. After the event, busses will pick you up again and take you back to the Atlantic Congress Hotel with an additional stop at Essen Main Station from where you have best access to the public transport system.

Shuttle Busses will head from the Atlantic Congress Hotel at 18:15 and back at 22:30 and 00:00 If you cannot or do not want to take the bus, you can either use the public transport system (about one hour) or come by car (about 30 km and 30 min).