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REFSQ is known for its wide variety of international participants, from young researchers to leading senior researchers and strong industrial partners. All of them are part of the REFSQ community and come together to join the excellent discussions on scientific research and industrial experience regarding Requirements Engineering.

REFSQ for Young Researchers

Ulrike Abelein, PhD Candidate, University of Heidelberg, Germany

“Attending the doctoral symposium at REFSQ 2013 was a very valuable experience for me. First, it challenged me to prepare my first presentation for a conference. This was a good experience in a protected environment. Second, I was very surprised by the welcoming and helpful atmosphere not only by the professors but also from the other participants. I’m still thinking about some of the comments and the discussion about my research questions helped me personally to find my overarching research methodology. Third, meeting the other participants and the dinner on Monday night was fun. In addition it made the networking on the conference much easier;).”

Kevin Vlaanderen, PhD Candidate, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

“As a researcher in the field of Software Product Management, REFSQ has always been one of the main conferences of interest to me. Especially after the International Workshop on Software Product Management joined the conference, a trip to Essen was a fixed item on my agenda. For a PhD student, the conference has some very specific advantages. For one, it is very welcoming to new scientists and it pays special attention to making sure that everyone feels comfortable straight away. But the essential point for me, is that is has quite a large group of PhD students, which helps a lot when you are at the beginning of your scientific career.”

REFSQ for Senior Researchers

Dr. Sergio España, Senior Researcher, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

Last year I attended the REFSQ 2013 Doctoral Symposium and it was a good experience. The DS gives the chance to PhD students to improve their presentation skills and gather feedback from senior researchers. But, more importantly, they realize that there are spaces where they can share their joys and woes with their peers, they can establish a network of contacts and plan collaborations. I enjoyed the DS and, although I already defended my PhD a few years ago, I also learnt some valuable lessons. It helped become a better PhD supervisor!

Dr. Krzysztof Wnuk, Senior Researcher, Lund University, Sweden

“On my way back home from REFSQ, I am always full off new ideas and contacts. REFSQ is an excellent place to visit if you want to know the “freshly baked” research resultsbefore the others. It is an even better place for broadening your academic and industry contact networks.  Organizing the IWSPM workshop has given me a lot of new contacts and research ideas that significantly improved the speed of my research efforts.

REFSQ for Industry

Stefan Sturm, General Manager, IREB GmbH, Germany

“With the CPRE certification the IREB aims to improving the education in Requirements Engineering. In order to guarantee the high quality of the IREB education we need to stay in permanent touch with leading experts in the field. REFSQ is the ideal place to meet the top members of the research community for discussion. It’s always a great experience to get an overview about the hot topics in the research field. In addition we have gained many contacts to researchers world-wide which help us a lot in our mission.”