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This year 2 workshops have been selected which will be held as half-day workshops on the 7th of April. Further details regarding the workshops are available below.

CreaRE’14: 4th International Workshop on Creativity in Requirements Engineering (half-day), Andrea Herrmann, Maya Daneva, Joerg Doerr, Anne Hoffmann and Kurt Schneider
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The CreaRE series of workshops brings together RE practitioners and researches who are interested in discussing the role of creativity in RE, the array of creativity techniques that can be applied to RE, and the ways in which creativity techniques from other disciplines can be leveraged in RE.  Drawing upon the previous workshop editions, the intended purpose of the CREARE’14 workshop is to be a forum for the exchange of emerging ideas, experience and research results. It also aims at raising awareness in the RE community of the importance of creativity and creativity techniques.

RE4P2’14: 1st International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for the Precontract Phase (half-day), Axel Kalenborn and Marcus Trapp
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Before a software project is officially started, there is a stage that has not received much consideration in the requirements engineering literature: the precontract or bidding stage. Part of a bid is a cost estimate that should be as precise as possible. During the bidding stage, bidders are not being paid while competing with each other, i.e., they have to work under great pressure of time, success and cost. As the costs of common requirements engineering (RE) methods are often considered to be too high, these methods are typically not used at this early stage. This workshop aims at discussing and elaborating new ideas to improve RE in this stage.