Welcome to the Colour Kitchen Zuilen

REFSQ 2018 will be hosted at the Colour Kitchen Zuilen, a complex that brings together classic and modern architecture, art, and sustainable delicious food. The venue is located in the Zuilen district of Utrecht. Plenary sessions will be held in the Zimihc Thetaer which hosts up to 180 people. The Christinazaal, a beautiful room with large windows with lots of daylight, will be the second room for the parallel sessions. We will have ample room for coffee and standing lunch breaks at the Zimihc Foyer, however if you prefer a seated lunch you can take your seat at the bar and the restaurant in the ground floor.

The Colour Kitchen Zuilen
Prinses Christinalaan 1
3554 JL Utrecht
Tel. +31 030-2230023

Getting to the Conference Venue

Utrecht central station (Utrecht Centraal) is the main for bus and train transfers.


Public Transport

From Utrecht Centraal take the bus number 3 (Platform G4, direction Zuilen), 4 (Platform D4, direction zuilen), or 5 (Platform D4, direction Maarssen via Zuilen).
Bus numbers 3 and 5 stop at the bus stop "Prins Bernhardplein" which is just in front of the conference venue. It will take about 15 minutes (10 stops).
Bus number 4 stops at "J M de Muinck Keizerlaan. It takes 3 minutes to walk to the conference station from there. The overall trip takes 17 minutes (11 minutes) from the central station.
You can check the time tables and routes from other locations in the city from 9292.nl or from Google Maps.


You can rent bicycles and e-bikes at several locations in Utrecht starting from 10 Euro per day, also many hotels provide bicycle renting services. The distance between the central station and the conference venue is 5 km. Available routes are shown here.
You can find a list of bicycle rental companies here.


You can also take one of the taxis from the central station. All taxis are metered, the fare from the central station is approximately 15€. Taxis are recognizable by their blue license plates and, commonly, a sign with the word 'TAXI' on their roof. You can get a taxi on the taxi stand at Utrecht Central Station, or by ordering one by phone.

Some of the taxi companies in Utrecht:

  • UTC - +31(0)30 2 300 400
  • SUTAX - +31(0)30 266 1313


If you travel by car, you can park around the venue. Parking in the conference venue area is free, unlike parking in the city centre that can be very expensive.