Author Instructions

Prospective authors should carefully read the following information before submitting.

Structured Abstracts

To facilitate accurate bidding and a better understanding of the papers, each paper submitted to REFSQ 2018 is required to have a structured abstract. The imposed structure demands each abstract to have exactly 4 paragraphs with the following content:
  • Context and motivation: Situate and motivate your research.
  • Question/problem: Formulate the specific question/problem addressed by the paper.
  • Principal ideas/results: Summarize the ideas and results described in your paper. State, where appropriate, your research approach and methodology.
  • Contribution: State the main contribution of your paper. What’s the value you add (to theory, to practice, or to whatever you think that the paper adds value). Also state the limitations of your results.

Three examples of structured abstracts are given here. In addition, of course, remember to include keywords after your abstract.

Submission Format

Submissions should be in PDF, on A4 page size and formatted in LNCS style, see Springer’s Information for LNCS Authors for details (notice that for the submission, only the instructions about the layout of the paper itself are relevant – the copyright form etc. is only needed for the camera-ready version, in case the paper gets accepted).
; Dan M. Berry’s smart tips to avoid wasting space can be found here.